September 18 – 23, 2015


Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center


6 Days/Nights


60 Expert Speakers

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About The Conference / Here's What You Need To Know

The third annual Boston Data Festival’s primary goal is to bring together the data-centric community for an energetic week of events to learn, collaborate, and network. Specific goals are to:

  • Showcase greater Boston as a data-centric region of talented individuals and innovative companies.
  • Highlight the diversity of people, start-ups, and companies dedicated to this domain, as well as the quality of resources available.
  • Help community members achieve their goals, be it to fast-track a data scientist career path or create a big data startup.
  • Reach out to individuals who are unaware of, or daunted by, the myriad of new techniques and technology presented at the data-centric Meetup scene.

Why Attend The Boston Data Festival / A few good reasons why you should attend the 2015 Boston Data Festival

  • The Best Content – Over the BDF week, we have great events planned such as our Big Data Innovation Day, Data Science Innovation Day, and the Internet of Things Innovation Day.
  • The Best Networking – The heart of the Boston Data Festival is it’s many attendees. Last year we had close to 3,000 guests at various BDF events. This is the perfect opportunity to meet today's data-driven leaders, innovators, practitioners, and enthusiasts.
  • The Best Speakers – Over the last three years, BDF has attracted some of the best and brightest to give talks and workshops in their area of expertise.
  • The Best Value - We offer the best value. Period. Comparable big data, IoT, and data science conferences charge big $$. Our goal is to help you learn, connect and grow, without breaking the bank.

Conference Schedule / We have a fantastic lineup of six days of workshops, presentations and networking.

This year's 2015 Boston Data Festival brings together the most influential practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Big Data, and Internet of Things.  Our week-long agenda includes:

Big Data Innovation Day - Friday September 18th

  • Big data is one of today’s most exciting sectors, whether you are a software engineer, or a business executive. The BDF big data day will help you expand your knowledge in this growing and innovative field.

  • At the BDF Big Data Innovation Day, you will learn the latest innovations in Big Data. We will cover topics and workshops that range from Hadoop, NoSQL, and other unstructured data tools to analytics and implementation. Talks and workshops will focus on what matters most to today’s big data professionals and promise to deliver actionable takeaways.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Networking Event - Friday September 18th

Location: Microsoft N.E.R.D Center (Floor 10)
Time: 17:30 – 19:00

  • The networking event is sponsored by MaxPoint and Thomson Reuters
  • The networking event is open to all ticket holders (day/night pass holders included)
  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Data Science Innovation Day - Saturday September 19th

  • Data Science Innovation is fundamental to many of today’s exciting startups. These innovative products and services have data science at their core. The Data Science Innovation Day will give you direct insight into this exciting and growing field.

  • At the Data Science Innovation Day, you will learn the latest innovations in data science. We will cover topics and workshops that include but are not limited to predictive analytics, machine learning, text analytics, and data visualization. Talks and workshops will focus on practical use cases. You will learn how startups and established companies are using data science to build their products and services.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Internet of Things Innovation Day - Sunday September 20th

  • The Internet of Things is the bridge between intelligent sensors and the networked world. The growing market for smart devices coupled with increased connectivity and demand of real-time data is the driving force behind the Internet of Things. Innovative sensors are being incorporated into everyday objects, leading to a growth in data-driven IoT startups.

  • At the Internet of Things Innovation Day, you'll hear from top experts in this exciting interdisciplinary community. You’ll also meet the engineers, executives, designers and startup entrepreneurs at the forefront of this innovative and emerging field.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Healthcare Data Science Night - Monday September 21st

  • Healthcare Data Science Night will feature four speakers and a workshop focusing on how the healthcare industry is rapidly changing as a result of advancements in data science.

  • Healthcare providers are increasingly looking to data analysis to help them better understand their patients and their illnesses. This trend is driven by the revelation that leveraging data and predictive modeling is the best way to help doctors improve patient wellness while decreasing costs.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Finance Data Science Night - Tuesday September 22nd

  • Finance Data Science Night will focus on the increasing volume, variety, and speed of financial data -- and how it’s being captured and analyzed.

  • Through the creation of predictive models, including live simulations of market events, and the use of technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL, data scientists can now integrate this new data with more traditional numbers -- in often groundbreaking ways.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Cyber Security Night - Wednesday September 23rd

  • Cyber Security Night will explore the applications of data science in cyber security. Specifically, advancing information security through practical applications of exploratory data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and data visualization.

  • All speakers will focus on reducing risk, identifying fraud, and defending against malicious attacks.

  • View Speaker & Workshop Schedule

View the Speaker & Workshop Schedule

Speakers / We have a fantastic lineup

Christina Qi

Managing Partner at Domeyard LP

Gerard Dwan

Informationist at Knowledgent

Patrick Surry

Chief Data Scientist at Hopper

Adriel Desautels

CEO of Netragard, Inc.

Allen Downey

Author of Think Python, Professor at Olin College

Jessica Stauth

VP Quant Strategy at Quantopian

Ramesh Kumar

CEO and Co-founder of Zakipoint Health

Charles Burgoyne

Principal Director of Data Science at Frog

Kelly Jin

Data Visualization at City of Boston and Consequi Co-Founder

Laila Partridge

Managing Director at Code On Technologies

Matt George

CEO and Founder of Bridj

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Register / Register today!

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September 18th, 19th, 20th

Choose one of the following:

  • Big Data Innovation Day
  • Data Science Innovation Day
  • Internet of Things Innovation Day

Three Night Pass


Last Call: CS Night

September 21st – 23rd

Includes all of the following:

  • Healthcare Data Science Night
  • Finance Data Science Night
  • Cyber Security Night

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BDF 2015 is almost at full capacity. However, due to the no-show rate, we expect a few spots to open up. Put your name on the waitlist below:

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Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center

The 2015 Boston Data Festival will be at held at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center, and also at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

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Languages, Tools, and Topics / Workshops and talks

We’re heavily focused on applied data science featuring real world applications. Here is a list of languages, tools and topics we’re looking to cover in our workshops and talks:

Languages /


Tools /

Vowpal Wabbit
Elastic Search

Topics /

Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning
Text Analytics
Deep Learning
Data Visualization

Attendees / Who You Will See

/ Data Scientists

/ Data Engineers

/ Data Analysts

/ Software Developers

/ Technical Leads

/ Researchers

/ System Architects

/ CEOs, CTOs, CIO, etc.

/ Head Data Scientists

/ Head Researchers

/ IT Managers

/ Entrepreneurs

/ Business Strategists

/ Consultants


Sheamus McGovern – Open Data Science Conference Chair
Mammad Mahmoodi – Conference Director
Vivana Formoso - Marketing
Alicia Strong - Outreach and Operations
Meng Song - Operations
Alexandria Robins – Outreach
Tim Craig - Web Manager
We are also supported by a host of volunteers and advisors.

If you'd like to volunteer for our conference please email us at  We'd love the help and we can guarantee a rewarding experience!
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You can view our code of conduct here.