2015 Boston Data Festival
September 17-24, 2015

Boston's third annual Data Festival brings together the meetup community, entrepreneurs, VCs and others to highlight its data-centric scene.
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Kickoff event

Kickoff event speakers Andy Palmer and Owen Zhang started the week with two excellent talks at Thomson Reuters.


2014-11-03 20.30.19
Andy Palmer kicks off the 2014 Boston Data Festival

2014-11-03 21.21.17
“Think more, try less” suggested Owen Zhang, Kaggle Competition Leader, who shared his philosophy and a bag of tricks to help you win at data science competitions.

Thomson Reuters in the Seaport District provided a modern space for the kickoff event.


We had talks on topics from “Quantifying Uncertainty: Evaluating Trading Algorithms using Probabilistic Programming” by Thomas Wiecki to “Big But Personal Data: How Human Behavior Bounds Privacy and What We Can We Do About It” by Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye.


Click here for the full list of our 2014 Event speakers.

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We had well-attended workshops on Python Scikit-learn as well as practical Bayesian Analysis.


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